Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It was fun! I got to see my man get two sweet hit which were also rbis and I got to be with my knitting peeps. Here are Kristin and Matt, both knitting baby bib s. They assure me the bibs are for friends babies, not theirs . . . yet.There were tons of other knitters but I didn't take pictures of them. My whole row was knitting. One lady was making an afghan for her daughter who was going to MSU in a week and wanted it Now. She gave her mom two weeks to whip one up and it looked like she was almost done.

Here's my man. That's a zoomed in picture. We were as high as we could be. It seemed like they put the knitters in the last two rows all the way from behind first base to behind the plate. I guess last year they had a whole section of knitters. Personally I think that would've been better because you could see more of what people were knitting and chat them up about it! It was a little hard with the row thing, but it was still fun.
After we went to Mexican Village and had yummy Mexican food. They don't have Mexican food in Alpena. I miss it. We also drove by and walked up this bridge to see what they are doing to the old Tiger Stadium. It's sad, but supposedly they are going to make it into some kind of tourist attraction having to do with baseball, so maybe it will be ok. You never know with Detroit nowadays, what with the mayor being on the tether and all! The radio stations are calling him various names, such as Mayor Tether, Tether Boy, etc.... Resign already! Does he not care that he is a laughingstock?
I got all my blocks for the NYOBE! Except the kid's who flaked out. So now I am knitting two more and I can't wait to put it together! I'll take pics of my progress. Gotta run.


Ms. Melissa McDermid said...

Had a BLAST sitting with you at the game! I didn't even hear if they won -- too cold to worry about that I guess! YEAH Mexican food! It was a great day -- even though I didn't knit a stitch!

Linda said...

Looks like a great time!!! no Stitch n Pitch her in the South East. Bummer. Maybe next year.

kristinknits said...

So glad that you made it down to the D for the game!!! I just wish I had worn jeans. And Xochi's was delish!!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Tether Boy? That's kinda funny.