Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Toilet Man Always Rings Twice

The man is here to install a toilet and shower in my basement. I hate when people are here to to that kind of stuff. Are you supposed to talk to them? Are you supposed to leave them alone so they can do their work? Is that rude? Should I go offer him some Coke while his head is stuck down my toilet? I never know. So I've come up here, two floors away, to hide out and play on the computer. Strange noises are emanating from the basement, but I ignore them. I trust the man can do his job.

Anyway, I finished these socks a while ago and just now took some pictures.
They are my Raspberry Twists (Grasshopper Twists on Ravelry) and they are my first toe-up socks as well as my first socks-on-two-circs.(I experimented with a different cast-off on the one that looks all funky, because it said you needed some give - well, I don't need give in that particular area)
Love them, even if they are all holey in the heel. That's because they are my first short row heel socks too! Which, if I can somehow get rid of the holes, I think I like knitting better than the heel flap, but the heel flap does feel better on my foot. But look, I did better on the second one.
Anyway, do you ever wonder how people take those gorgeous pictures of their socks on their feet? Mine always look ridiculous. My feet always look ginormous and they really aren't. I'm a respectable size 7. Not wide or anything, not that you can tell that from the pictures.

Oh, these are made of my wonderful Dream In Color Smooshy yarn, that Kristin got me as a going away present. Isn't it divine? I love Smooshy. I have one more skein of it in the stash. I didn't get to the yarn store down state that has it. I need more. It's like a drug. It makes perfect socks.

Well, I suppose I need to go ask the toilet guy if he needs refreshments, so I'll sign off for now.


Holly Bee said...

I greet them, and then ignore and then check on them. They charge by the hour, so keep chit chat to a minimum, but be friendly so as not to anger the mighty master of your check book!

Yes, I am crazed!

Love, love, love the socks! You are a fearless knitting beast!

Knit and fall back in it said...

The socks look great, I say we call the holes a design feature and call it good.

I always feel awkwarkd when there is someone working in my house, never know what to do.