Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sexism in the Younger Set

Yesterday, my husband worked a little late and Sophie had a band concert, so I ventured outside to grill some chicken breasts for dinner. The little boy next door (he's about five and his name is Tyler, but we call him Tyrone and he giggles like mad! I just love it!) walks up to me and says

"Are you grillin' that all by yourself?"

"Why yes, I am! I'm making dinner, chicken, yum"

He looked perplexed. He thought about it for a minute and says

"I didn't know girls could grill"

I thought I would pee my pants! I said,

"Yep, girls can grill. Maybe we all can't grill as good as dad's but we can do it in a pinch"

I didn't want to break the little guys heart, obviously at his house only the dad touches the grill, so I decided to let him be innocent to the ways of women for a while longer, even though it looked like I was furthering the cause of sexism.

Then he says - totally deadpan -

"I guess you'll burn it" :)

I'm telling you, it made my day! I know it's wrong in so many ways, and had it been a child over the age of five saying it, I might have gone off on him. But this one was so cute! I'll just have to teach him that girls can do anything with my actions.

I'm currently knitting my second sock from the toe up, using a short row heel. I'm kind of rocking it. The first one is a little messy, this one is looking much better.And I'm starting Muir. Or restarting. Whatever. I kept coming up a stitch short and I made the mistake of trying to knit last night while watching "House". You really can't knit lace and watch tv. At least me. It never works. But I have plenty of laundry to do and the Muir should keep me busy whilst I sit by the blasted washing machine. Have I mentioned how I hate laundry?
I believe laundry is the bane of a stay-at-home-mom's existence. It never ends. You think you've done it all, everyone has clean underwear, there are towels for showers (even though your teenager thinks that after he wipes his clean body off with a towel that the towel has somehow become dirty and must be washed again instead of hung up and used a couple more times!)shoot, everyone even has socks that match, and lo and behold, in the laundry room the next morning, another pile of laundry.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Maybe you should ask Tyler/Tyrone if boys can do laundry.

tracyb said...


Anonymous said...

That's such an cute story! He's probably going to become one very talented grill master, you wait and see!! *lol*

And I agree with Amy, you should ask him about the laundry, and maybe the dishwasher too.. (I don't think I know any men who actually put dirty dishes IN the dishwasher.. they leave it on top as if it finds it's own way! Might be just Norwegian men, though..)

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog, I'll put you in my Bloglines list :)