Friday, May 16, 2008

Batteries are Dead!

I was going to take a picture of the coolest thing I've ever knit? Remember? And the camera batteries are dead! As a doornail! And the coolest thing I ever knit is going to Kristin for her wedding, which is Saturday and we are leaving today! I had to pack the coolest thing I've ever knit, with no DOCUMENTATION! Well, hopefully Kristin will enjoy it and maybe take a picture of it herself! This is the other part of the present I made (I'm sure she has better things to do today than look at my blog, so I don't think I'm ruining any surprises here)
A set of six knitted ball-band dishcloths! I looked at their registry to try and figure out their colors, and it looked pretty neutral, so I went neutral (and foresty, because I had to have a little kick in there)
I love Matt and Kristin, and I hope they totally enjoy themselves at their wedding and on their awesome honeymoon. And did I mention, Matt is Holly's cousin? I get to meet the famous Holly de Snot at the wedding! I'm totally brining a camera and my autograph book. I hope that's not too tacky.

And in case you don't know, Kristin is Kristinknits in the blogosphere. I'm not linking her in case she has one of those things where some kind of alarm goes off when she gets linked - I don't want her to look over here until after the festivities! But check her out, she documented her countdown to her nuptuals (oh my gosh, how do you spell that?), very cute.

I'll be back Monday with the whole story!


Holly Bee said...

I am charging my batteries right now!!!!!!!!!!!

I even bought a tiny tacky purse to keep camera in! Like it will stay there!!!

I'm so excited to meet you!!!

I love the dish cloths! You rock!

Knit and fall back in it said...

Man, I love those ballband disclothes. No one can ever have too many of those.

kristinknits said...

Tracy - you will be getting a proper thank you note in the mail, of course! But I had to comment to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HAND KNITTED GIFTS! You are awesome. You know I love the ball bands and Charlotte's Web is the best. I need to take some pics and get them up on the blog STAT! Thanks a million. Hope you had fun at the wedding. I enjoyed reading your account of the evening. We'll chat soon!!!!!