Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Well, there is a picture of my mohaw hat. Can you see the perfect fabric that the felting process created in the black part of the hat? And the beautiful fringey parts and how they all sort of knotted together in exactly the right manner? Sort of like a mohawk with dreadlocks. Or are you just looking at Jennifer making the "Ozzy" sign all cute like that? She was doing her best rocker imitation. (We had to tell her how to make the Ozzy sign though:)) I think this picture is very cute, and I hope she doesn't get mad at me for posting it.

This is my Christmas present from my husband. It's Heather from Schaefer yarns. It's red, yes, but what doesn't show in this picture is a pretty little stripe of purple too. I'm knitting it up into a pair of socks. For me, since it was my Christmas present and all. Oh and look what else her got for me . . .
How cute is that? It's a tape measure. The tail is the tape part! You push on it's tummy to make the tape curl back up. I love it! I love that he got me yarn stuff (even if my girls told him what to get!) He rocks.

Well now that I've figured out how to cut and paste pictures to make them go where you want, and found the cord to hook up my son's camera with, I'm sure I'll be blogging more. (His camera is so cool, I wish it were mine!) So I'm off to knit and take pictures of knitting and to watch and listen carefully for any interesting blog fodder.


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