Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's All About the Sweater

As the title implies, it's been all about the tangled yoke sweater of late. That's because I've been HAT ATTACKED! by the Zombie Prom Date Knitters from Ravelry! It starts on February 9, so I've been bustin' my butt' trying to get as much of the sweater done before then that I can. Because come Feb. 9, I am all about the hat baby! So here's what I have so far . . . . .
This is the back and the sides. That's my cute little lamb measuring tape on their too. Next comes the sleeve . . .

It's almost done. Then I have to knit one more and attach them to the back. Then comes the crazy cable part and I know I will be doing hat attack before I get to that!

My husband went back up north today and he took my dog! She is our dog really, but she loves me best. But he's all complaining and stuff because he doesn't have anyone to talk to up there or anything. Whatever. What would I call that? Oh, let's see, . . . a VACATION! No, I'm sure he's lonely, I would miss my kids too. But here I am stuck with one kid with a fever, one with an attitude and one who won't stop talking. Alpena, alone with my dog, looks pretty good from here. Oh, here's a picture of my dog.

Her name is Nona (short for Wynona, I was going through an unfortunate country music phase) and she is fifteen years old. Those are cataracts shining from her eyes, I'm pretty sure. And she's all skinny and bony now, and her muzzle is all gray. But she still gets all happy when we come home from somewhere, or we show her her leash. And there is nothing wrong with her nose cuz I swear she can smell and unopened can of moist dog food from three rooms away. Anyway, she's on her way up north with Joe, where I hope she will find all kinds of new smells and dog friends, and make the way easier for me and the kids.

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Holly Bee said...

I too am trying to finish a sweater so I can be mentally prepared for HAT ATTACK!!!!

Good luck friend!!