Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is my pretty new "Lipstick Lava" Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. I promised myself I wouldn't start using it until I've at least finished my monkey socks. One is finished, the other one I've started and had to rip back three times this weekend! I must have bad sock mojo, so I've put it aside until next week. I've been working on my here and there cables scarf.

I ran into a problem with that though, because I checked Scarf Style out from the library and memorized the pattern. But that was like over a month ago. I picked the scarf up to knit on it today and just stared at it. And stared. Then tried to count stitches. But couldn't. Then stared some more. I could not remember where to cable! But I just guessed and I think I guessed right, because it really looks the same to me as the rest of the scarf. I hope so.

My husband's job in Alpena really looks like a go. He's sure he wants it career wise, he's just not sure about moving our family. I'm ready to go, my daughters are ready to go and my son seems to be getting used to the idea. There are just so many details to be worked out. That's intimidating. Well, I'm going to embrace avoidance for now and go knit my scarf, until 8:00 of course because it IS Amazing Race night!

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