Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The meez thing

Yoo hoo? Anyone out there? Why is my meez girly all cut off on one side? How do I fix her? Can I make her smaller? Help!

As soon as I find my camera I will post pictures of my finished monkeys (cute, if I do say so myself), my newly started socks from Favorite Sock (can't remember the pattern name) out of the Dream in Color Smooshy yarn and the really cute argyle scarf from Son of a Stitch n' Bitch.

I am only knitting stuff for me for Christmas this year! I usually knit stuff for my 21 year old niece but her facial expression on Christmas day is less than the pure unadulterated joy that I would like to see, so I'm going commercial this year with her. No one else is interested in knit stuff. I even made my mom a pair of fetchings last year and I don't think she cared. I've never seen her wear them. I, on the other hand, wear my hand knit socks all the time. And my daughters and I share all of the scarves I've knitted and not given away, so. . .

Off to find the (misplaced-by-one-of-my-children-of-whom-none-will-take-responsibility) camera. Wish me luck!

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kristinknits said...

I can try to help you on Monday. I think that it was too big for the side bar. Maybe we can play with it in the Template page and see if it'll shrink.