Thursday, December 13, 2007

No, I'm not done - so there!

The beginnings of the argyle scarf, as photographed by my 9 year old. There is much more now, and the other side is cuter. I thought I told her to photograph both sides, but on my camera, there are 3 pictures of this side of the scarf and about 20 pictures of her hamming it up for the camera. Oh, and no pictures of the monkeys, which I swear I told her to take too!

I heart this scarf. Love it. I love the colors, especially the black background side, I love the way it feels all smooshy because of the double knitting. I love the pattern, but I wish I could memorize it instead of having to look at the pattern all the time. I think it will turn out really cool.

I have hardly any Christmas shopping done. I keep trying to do it and getting vetoed by the DH. He is a Christmas procrastinator. Seriously, it is the only time of the year the man procrastinates and it drives me crazy! I want to be done! I hate when people tell me they are all done with their shopping, they just have to wrap a few presents! We are so the people who are fighting on Christmas Eve about who is going to stay up and wrap the gifts because we are both exhausted. I really hate when someone asks me if I am done. It's so embarrassing to say, "uh, I've just barely started". Oh well.

More pictures tomorrow or whenever I get back here! Happy Holidays!

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kristinknits said...

Are you done yet? Are you done yet? HAHA - just kidding.

The scarf is awesome. I love the colors. I do not love the idea of double knitting ... kristinknits + more work = less scarf. Oh well. I will enjoy seeing yours!