Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Unintended Stash Enhancement

I went to the LYS today to make this hat

but with these colors. My LYS didn't have
Lamb's Pride Bulky in black so instead of just
going on home and finishing my WIP (a really pretty bluish Monkey sock that I can't figure out how to upload in the correct position in this post so you will have to trust me that it's cute)

I bought some Noro to make this, and have already cast on and finished the little ear flaps! Cuteness! Who needs socks? Well, me, but I have some so I don't need the monkeys right away and this new baby is supposed to arrive in December, just in time for an Arctic Snowflake ear flap hat!

Oh . . . and I couldn't resist the gorgeous red Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn (that was in a completely different section of the yarn store, but once I'm in I feel obligated as a good yarn store customer to peruse the whole store) I'll post pictures when I'm in more of a teckie sort of mood, right now I want to go knit my hat!

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