Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! My husband is gone for two days and I've destroyed the basement. Well, not me so much as whatever is stuck in the freakin' drain and making sewage come up into the basement from the drain under the dryer! And not just sewage, water, and a lot of it, along with the sewage!!!!!! I am so one of those people that got married right out of college and has not a clue how to take care of this problem herself.

I noticed it a couple of days ago, while doing laundry. The floor was just damp. I mentioned it to my husband over the phone who said no biggie, just don't do anymore laundry and he would fix it when he got home. Well, I didn't do anymore laundry. I didn't even go into the basement - until today. Now there are about two inches of water and gack all up under the dryer!!!!!! My house smells like mildew when you walk in. Thank GOD my husband will be back tonight, but I still feel bad that he has to walk into this ISSUE, because I fear that that is what it will turn into, an ISSUE (and all in caps like that too!)

I plan to ignore the basement for the rest of the evening. But it keeps popping into my head and I want to cry! Maybe I need to knit. Yeah, that's it. The knitting will magically make all that . . . . .stuff - in the basement disappear!


Holly Bee said...

When husbands leave, raw sewage flows!!!

I have like a crazy toilet plunging blister on my hand from when my Ogre was gone on a business trip!!!!!

I am soooo sorry for your trauma!!!

tracyb said...

It's so nice to know someone understands my pain! :)