Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm Tracy and I'm a yarnaholic. It's been about five years of knitting and good wooly yarn addiction. Before that, I crocheted, and was addicted to (gasp!) acrylic yarn, and that little addiction went back to the college years it's been awhile.

I am also shamelessly addicted to reading peoples blogs. LOVE them. My friend whom I work with has a blog and I started by reading hers. Then she told me about this little blog by someone called the Yarn Harlot. One look and I was hooked. I've been reading the blogs for about a year now.

About three or four months ago, my friend gave me one of the coveted invitations to Ravelry, and I began putting up photos with a vengeance. I love seeing my stuff on the website, and I love meeting knitters in the virtual world. Ever since I've toyed with the idea of my own blog, so as I sat here, waiting for my sweet potato pies to finish on Thanksgiving, I took the dive off the deep end and here I am.

I'm so excited!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


kristinknits said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Trac! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy. Welcome to the wonderful world of blog addiction. I, like you, am shamefully admitting that until I started knitting 2 years ago, I was addicted to {gasp} acrylic as well. I didn't even realize there was anything better out there. It's been a revelation, hasn't it? Glad to have you around in the land of blogs. Please feel free to check out my blog at