Monday, November 26, 2007

Socks and Computers

I've been learning new things. Not knitting things, computer things. My friend Kristen taught me how to upload pictures onto the blog! Let's see if I can do it . . . .

Yea! But I can't figure out how to get this writing below the picture. Oh well I guess I have more questions for Kristen :)

Anyway these are my new pretty green cable socks. This is the first time I tried cables with socks. I like how they look. (Ignore my gross kitchen floor.)

I've got to take more pictures because I've started both a pair of monkey socks and gentleman's fancy socks. (Kristin taught me that link thing too except I don't know the whole specific link to the monkeys but you can search for them once you are on knitty.)

Oh and I got my knitpicks
catalog today. I think I might have to order one of the sock yarn combos on the back page. I've gotta check out the website and see if they are on there too.

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kristinknits said...

I will help you with all your technical blog needs! Not a problem.

Cute socks!