Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spending Spree

What's it called in psychology when you push down your feelings by doing something totally inappropriate? Well, whatever you call it, I think I'm doing it.

My son moved out two weeks ago. He's going to MSU in the Spring and is living in East Lansing with his cousin and trying to find a job for the summer. He was deferred at MSU for the fall, but we figured it would be a good idea to live down there, go to Lansing Community College in the fall and acclimate himself to the environment before January.

People keep asking me if I cried. Well, no. I keep telling myself he'll be back. I mean, I came home all the time from college, holidays and summer and such. So it's not like he really moved out. Come on!

But curiously, at the same time he moved out I found myself ordering yarn from the Loopy Ewe. Four different kinds of yarn. Did you know they have this awesome new Solid Series? I had to get two skeins each of Strawberry and Serenity ( I think that's the green color's name, but don't quote me on it).

And then I needed to try a new line - String Theory sounded fun. And they had this lovely color called Jade Fusion. A must have.

And since I was going with something new, it felt right to throw in an old favorite, you know, for comfort. So a skein of Trekking found it's way into my basket.

And last week the Tour de Fleece started. My knitting homies, the ZPDK, all joined the Team of Wonder, how could I not join too? I will admit, I am not spinning every day. Only because it's freaking hot as hell up here and I have no air conditioner. Did I tell you all the story about the air conditioner? If not, let me know because, while a bit embarrassing, it is quite funny. Anyway - it broke. And no one wants to pony up for a new one, so I suffer. Not so much in silence though. I think everyone I know is sick of me talking about air conditioning.

But I did manage to finish spinning up some Lorna's Laces roving, which was the very first "serious" roving I bought. I'm plying it up right now and thinking of what to do with it.

But all the ZPDK are talking about this Wonder Roving. I've resisted because the hubby has a thing about credit cards and the internet (did you know you can pay with a check at the Loopy Ewe? ) but then I realized that since my daughter has become an Ebay entrepreneur (the rule in the house is "hide it if you don't want Sophie to sell it") we have a PayPal account set up. And then, right when I was chatting with the ZPDK about Wonder Why Roving, I heard my husband say that there was money in the PayPal account! How convienient! I zipped over to Etsy, plunked two 4oz. balls of roving in my basket, asked for the username and password of our PayPal account and before my husband even knew it, bought the stuff! He figured it out when he got the confirmation email, but hey, I told him I'd pay him back on Friday.

The point is, do you think this little spending spree could be related to the kid moving away?

(Obviously, I've misplaced the camera again, but my girls are back from downstate and they both have cameras which I plan to snatch for a little photo shoot with all the new yarn and roving - pictures will be forthcoming!)


WonderWhyGal said...

You will LOVE my Wonder Roving...especially the two colors you picked. They came from two boys not on my farm but very special to me because they are from my mentor farm and I am breeding two of my girls to them. (So it's like they are mine) I would love to co-own them but for now I will have their genetics through breeding and their fiber through purchase. Rum Stud and Trade Wind are phenomenal both on and off the pasture as you will soon find out when you spin them. Suri Alpaca is heavenly to spin. It drafts easily and knits up beautifully.

Yes, your spending spree is most likely from the change with your son but I'm glad since it involved a purchase from me. Enjoy!

tracyb said...

Thanks! I'm sure I will enjoy!

Linda said...

You will love the Wonder!