Monday, July 26, 2010

Invasion of the Earwig

I can't figure out how to move the pictures so look at them first and enjoy the post later! 1.Yarn Hollow Haul. 2.Shepherd's Wool. 3. Mohair in Motion. 4. Wonder Why Gal. 5. My socks! from top to bottom: Plurks, Lohengrin, Pomatomus.

Don't worry - no earwig pictures. I was just "inspired" because as I opened up this window on the computer, I looked up and saw a FUCKING EARWIG crawling on my ceiling. Ewww. I hate them. We've had an unusual amount of them this year. Maybe the humidity? Anyone else in the lovely state of MI experiencing this phenomenon?

But look - I have lovely pictures of my haul from the Castle Farms Fiber Fest. People, this one is nice. It's in this gorgeous building near Charlevoix. It's full of vendors with lots of yummy stuff and if you go on Sunday you miss the super rich crowd of tourists buying yarn and yarn stuff even though they don't knit. Really. We heard a couple of them actually say "This would be really cool if you were a knitter". Dude, it's a fiber festival. What did you think there would be? Different kinds of oatmeal? That sounds fun.

Here's my stuff

The new sock yarn from Shepherd's Wool. Superwash (the variegated) and denim 100% wool. Her wool is so unbelieveably soft. And the colors! And, she's located in East Jordan Michigan. Which is up, just east of Charlevoix. Beautiful stuff.

Yarn Hollow. 3.6 oz. of soy fiber to spin! Pretty orange lace for a shawl, and a heavier laceweight which I think I can finagle into a mythos, from knitty.

And lastly, a bargain bin buy from Mohair in Motion. It's cotton, though, not mohair. Those people are some of the nicest people I've met at these fiber festivals. And they always have the best bargain bin around.

I also bought sock needles because I've got three pairs of socks finished, but the second sock of each is still on the needles because I don't have a sewing needle to graft them! Yes, I know I could've bought a sewing needle, but buying the new sock needles now enables me to actually work on four pairs of socks at once! How awesome is that?

Oh, and here is my alpaca from WonderWhyGal, I have lots left to spin, but I couldn't resist plying up my first spindle full, just to see what it would look like. Isn't it pretty?

Oh no. The earwig isn't on the ceiling anymore.


WonderWhyGal said...

I started to freak out that critters got into your fiber. Argh! I always fear that...especially with the amount of fluff I have laying around here. like the roving? I'm glad. I want to make it to the Castle Fiber Fest but it's such a long drive.

Make sure to post a pic of your Tour de Fleece spinning in our Team of Wonder thread...

Julie K said...

How do I never know about these fiber festivals until they're over?? :(

And Shephard's Wool sock yarn!? yay!

Holly Bee said...

Geez, what a haul!! As always, love the yarn hollow!!

Earwigs are ugly, but they are trying to go from one cool place to another. They are often seen en route to somewhere cooler. It's just because it's been so hot this year.

I worked for an exterminator who serviced the San Fransisco area. I got bug skillz.