Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lots of work and play

So, I sewed up the ends of two pair of socks, and am part way through my second pomatomus, but I screwed up and the sock is in time out.

I have spun another ounce of Andrea's roving. It's heavenly to spin, except every once in a while a piece of fluff flies up my nose. I just wish I was as fast as FatCat, because I haven't even got halfway through my four ounces, and I want to knit something with it!

I suppose if I were the kind of person who stayed with one project until it was finished I'd be done much faster with the spinning, but I'm not, and really, I don't know any yarn people who are! We can't resist the pull of starting a new project. Each WIP is like a badge of honor, right? So I started some socks - Big Tease, from the Joy of Sox - with my new loopy ewe solid, sereknity. It's gorgeous.

And in between knitting and spinning and sewing, sometimes I go to work and try to wrangle teenagers. I had four teens working for me all year, doing all kinds of cool programs, making awesome sea serpents for our summer reading program and creating a final video about their experiences and how cool the library can be. It's not all just books people! There are fun things for teens at the library. Really, you propose something to us, we'll consider doing it. Like movie nights, a dance (where no one really danced but still had a good time) gaming days, the list goes on. Anyway, here is the final video that my teens made. They are all done working for me and I will miss working with them.

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