Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beatiful Blogger! -blush-

Holly nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award - which essentially means I have to tell you ten things about myself that you might not know. That's hard, because I tend to blurt everything out all the time, I don't have a lot of secrets! But I'll give it a go

1. I am a "pill" baby. My mom was totally on the pill (in it's infancy albeit) and got pregnant with me!

2. I'm married to my junior high sweetheart.

3. Bono is my hero. I may have already mentioned that. I love his music and his political involvement.

4. I love Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. It should NOT be classified as romance. Yes, Ms. Gabaldon can write a steamy love scene with the best of the Harlequin authors, but can they give accurate historical medical detail? I don't think so.

5. My middle name is Louise. I hate it.

6. I asked for drugs about 2 centimeters into labor for the first two kids and they turned out perfectly normal. Hopefully some pregnant person who thinks she needs to martyr herself in the name of natural birth will read this and realize it's not necessary. Oh, I waited till 7 centimeters for the 3rd kid, only because it is true that if you get the epidural too soon, labor can last longer.

7. I've never read a Jane Austen novel. I've tried a million times, because I have many friends who LOVE Jane Austen, but I just can't do it!

8. I think South Park is hilarious! Trey Parker and Matt Stone are satirical geniuses.

9. I'm sorry, but I don't think Denzel Washington is good-looking. (We're watching Training Day, that's why I said that, but I really do feel that if you don't SAY that you think Denzel is good-looking people look down on you.)

10. I love doing these "tell people 10 things about yourself"!

I don't know anyone else to send this too, but if you read it and feel like doing this on your own blog, go for it, it's fun!



Holly Bee said...

Very fun! Thanks for doing it. I love doing the questions things too!!

I don't think Denzel is attractive either. I love me some Luda though.

WonderWhyGal said...

I love your answers...yes, I'm a reader of your blog...been for quite awhile thanks to Holly. I totally agree about Denzel.