Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cat Bordhi - mind blowing

I got the two latest Cat Bordhi books from the library today - New Pathways for Sock Knitters and the one after it, something about insouciance. They are (as the title of the post implies) blowing my mind! She has rewritten the sock. She calls it "sockitecture". No more leg, heel flap, gusset, foot, toe. She has sort of rerouted the whole heelflap/gusset part, so that you can increase, basically anywhere to make room for your heel. It's crazy. I can't claim to understand it yet.

My problem is, I am not patient. I don't want to knit the little baby socks on huge needles to practice, and Cat says I must practice. But I don't wanna. I want to knit all the really cool looking socks in the book. I've had this problem before. It's why I can't knit two socks on two circs or magic loop. I tried to do the projects instead of the practice projects. Does anyone else suffer from this particular form of delusion? Maybe there is a support group. Or better yet, maybe there is an enabling group, that can tell me exactly how to not do the practice crap and still be able to knit the fun stuff!

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