Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We made an offer on a house. It's nothing special, but it meets our needs and it isn't butt ugly. Because trust me, while it may be a buyers market elsewhere, the pickings in Alpena are slim.

This house is literally the only one that doesn't need major work that we've looked at. It still needs to have ugly wall paper torn off of two bedrooms, but the kitchen cabinets are cute and have been remodeled in the past decade or so. Most kitchens we've looked at are straight out of the seventies. You know, avacado appliances and plastic brown cabinets. The height of fashion in 1975 perhaps, not so much now.

There is one more house, complete with said kitchen and shag neon green and red carpet that fits the bill size wize. It's actually in a nicer area, but I spent 12 years living in a fixer upper that never got completely fixed up. I'd prefer not to do it again.

The pink blob is still blobish, but making it's way to becoming a stole. I started another pair of Kai-Mei's, love them! I'd take pictures but the camera is mia. I think someone in this house might know where it is, I need to ask!


Holly Bee said...

OOOOH!!! I almost dragged a matching avocado green stove and frig home out of someone's yard the other day! I love the 70's!

Good luck with the house stuff!

Linda said...

Oh that rascally camera. It's always running off!
Extra good luck and house hunting wishes coming at you!

Susie said...

Congratulations! Hope everything works wonderfully well with the new house.