Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everything's Coming Up Socks and Lace

So, I wussed on the socks and am using some very ugly variegated yarn that in no way "flows" or "matches" that of the other participants in the travelling sock . . . that means the "ladies" should be happy!

But to make up for the fact that I am a wuss, I've been working on the travelling socks only in the car. I have plenty of other stuff to do!

I got my new Cookie A. book the other day. It is awesome. Full of awesomey awesomeness!
And a couple of days later I got my Harmony circs! I love them! Love, Love, Love them. I also got Harmoy dpns. I haven't so much used them yet. I'm saving them for a craptastic day when I need uplifting.

But look what I made! That is the right sock of a Kai-Mei from Cookie's book. Isn't it lovely? I love it. I've cast on for the left one and am knitting the miles of ribbing while I watch the finale of Heroes online. Hey did anyone see Chuck last night? OMG, I love Zachary Levi.

And Pinko the Wave? All the repeats are finished! I almost had to kill the cable guy for ringing the doorbell, because he made me drop five stitches in the last freaking row! But I saved them. Now I've got to see how those other ZPDK girls figured out how to spread out the stitches you have to pick up for the border. I messed it up once. I'm not leaving it to my math challenged self to figure out!


Linda said...

Love the Kai-Mei socks! Gorgous!

Holly Bee said...

LOVE the Kai-Mei socks too! Look at you lace it up! That sounds off.

Susie said...

Love the sock! I'm going out today to get the Cookie book!