Saturday, October 18, 2008

Huntin' Season

Today I saw a sign that said to me "Welcome to Northern Michigan". It was attached to the local fruit market and it said:

"Complete Deer Processing Done Here" (no of course I don't have a picture, I have not yet learned to keep my camera in my car to take advantage of such bloggable moments)

At first I thought, being the southeast MI girl that I am, now why would the deer need to be processed? It's not like you can OWN a deer like a pet or anything, they don't need licenses . . . oh . . . they mean processed, like bologna. Yikes.

Now I'm not getting on a soap box or anything, because I like meat just as much as the next carnivore, although I prefer to get my meat all nicely packaged and anonymous from grocery store. I'm just not a hunter. And here I am in the middle of hunting land. My husband keeps warning me that soon I will see dead bambis adorning the roofs of people's cars. I honestly don't know how I will deal with that.

And it's not just bambis. Some guy from my husband's work, got a bear license and killed himself a bear. He says they make pretty good jerky. Although he just got a little bear, supposedly the big ones are better meat. Surreal.
By the way, did you know if you google images of bears you get the most interesting content? Why? I don't understand. I've never called it a bear!


kristinknits said...

Tracy ... just you wait. There will be so many dead animals! It is one of the reasons I hate to go up north - the drive home is intolerable for me. I do not want to look into the eyes of a poor dead deer. Bear jerky sounds too sick to even contemplate.

Linda said...

Yea, I don't like to see the deer carcasses either. But tell me you're having venison for dinner and I'm there!

Holly Bee said...

There are deer carcass head ornaments all over these here parts too. It's not just an up north thing.

PLUS!!! I can get a bear license right down the road from my house. They always advertise them at the creepy gas station. Yes, the creepy gas station by my house, that says something...