Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Move To Northern Michigan

Sure, it tries to suck you in with all it's watery and fall leafy splendor, but don't fall for it. Because if your freakin' dryer breaks?

With clothes in the washing machine,

on laundry day,
there is only one person who can fix it! Guess what? He isn't coming to your house for at least two days, and then on the day he is supposed to come, he doesn't call to tell you when he will be here!

But oh well, screw me, because like I said, only game in town. This I know for sure would not happen downstate. Downstate there is a plethora of appliance fixers. If one of them is impolite enough not to call, you call another one, and for a sufficient amount of money, someone shows up at your house relatively soon and fixes your damn dryer!

It's the same with the video stores. One video store. If they don't have what you want, too bad. But guess what I saw at Wal-Mart today? A DVD vending machine. No kidding! You slide your credit card, pick from the list of newish dvd's and boom, there ya go. A dollar a day. Way cheaper than the video store. But weird.

Anyway, it's all sucky and rainy, and I have dirty clothes and dirty carpet all around me. (I can't clean the carpet until the appliance guy comes because my dryer is on the second floor and you all know how those appliance people can be with their dirty wet boots) I'm trying to work on my pretty lace and it's going well . . . now. Two days ago, I was on the 7th repeat of fourteen, when I realized I had screwed up on the fifth repeat. Now, I knew that I had had to pick up a stitch because I was one short, but the denial part of my brain was working overtime and said "Oh Tracy, it won't even show, don't worry!" Ha. When I tried to frog back, there was no way those stitches were going back on the needle. I had to frog the whole damn thing. Now I'm on repeat five. But it's ok. Because so far so good. (I just knocked on the desk)


Linda said...

Oh! I have that same repair guy! "Yea um, I, um had other stuff to do" You couldn't freaking CALL ME?????
Now I call them (from work!)every hour on the hour. "What time will you be here?" "oh, you're heading this way now? Are you coming DIRECTLY here or making a stop on the way?"
Yea, I got that same guy. His check is in the mail. HA!

Holly Bee said...


Hang up the clothes. Fight the man, save power, and freak out the kids. Rock on!


Fiber foul ups-deny everything-wahahaha!!!!

Yes, I'm feeling sassy.

kristinknits said...

Sucks about the dryer Tracy. : ( We just bought a new washer & dryer - so excited!!