Saturday, October 4, 2008

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

I have a horrible case of too many wips. Not so much startitis, because I started all of these projects at really different times, just never finished them. Witness . . . .
1. The brown yarn? For my NYOBE squares. I'm on number 8 of 11, if you don't count the 12th one I need to knit for myself, so really, wouldn't you want to start another project too?

2. Orange yarn? My pretty Briar Rose Scarf. A couple of repeats shy of finishing if I want a nice, medium length scarf. I told myself when I started I would make a really long one you could wear a bunch of different ways, but a girl can change her mind you know.

3. That bluish yarn stuck in the book? That's a second sock. You guys know all about Second Sock Syndrome, right? Hey, at least I cast it on.
4. Moving on to the second table (my knitting is taking over the living room) we have a shawl, a wedding present for my former boss, who is getting married in June. I know, June SEEMS like a long way away, but it's lace, and it's big and I'm sure it will take me some time.

5. That pink yarn is not mine! My baby is knitting a scarf! She knits so tight, that I have to knit a row for her now and then to loosen it up so she can fit the needle into the stitches! She knits alongside me at night while we watch delicious reality tv!

My job. I am a total wuss. At my old job, we would work the circ desk for an hour at a time, then work on whatever else needed doing, come back and work the desk for a second hour, etc..., but we were only ever on our feet for about an hour at a time. Here? Yesterday, I stood for seven hours. Thursday it was five. I won't take a picture of the wicked blister on my toe, just suffice it to say, it freakin' hurts. Otherwise, it's nice to be back at the library. Same computer system, so I don't really have any of those freak out moments, where you think you've broke the computer, or accidentally charged someone, like, hundred of dollars. Just learning this libraries policies and I should be fine. And my feet will toughen up. Especially when they see a paycheck and can walk over to the LYS and by some roving. No yarn right now, but stuff to spin? It's a new thing to stash. :)


Linda said...

So glad your new job is "fun", except for the blister part.

Holly Bee said...

Poor toes! Maybe you just need NEW work shoes :) May I suggest birks?

Your wips are funny! I throw mine behind my chair and pretend they don't exist. Dont fret, the Hope Lodge blankies are safe!!

Ah,'s the new dirty fun hobby. Damn you Spinsanity, damn you!!