Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The World's Ugliest Sock

I'm quite sure this is the world's ugliest sock (although in this picture it doesn't look as bad as real life). While elements of it appeal to me, such as the snot green yarn flecked with orange, the grey and the aqua blue, together it looks like neon vomit. Now, my taste is truly not that bad! Look at the yarn in the skein
I think that looks pretty. Especially the purple and the light green. Let me tell you, Noro sold me a bill of goods, cause those are not the colors coming out of the skein! It forced me to begin another projectThat picture is sideways, I still have not figured that out. It's a jaywalker out of Berroco Comfort Sock. This yarn rocks. It's acrylic. Yep that's right, acrylic, but you would never know. It knits up a lot like Tofutsies which I enjoy although like that yarn it can tend to split. But it is so soft and cheap! $7.50/skein which is enough for a pair. I bought two skeins. Don't ask me why I bought two skeins of the same colourway - I tend to make impulsive decisions in the yarn store.
Here's the rest of my downstate haul
That's for the new block exchange I found on Ravelry. Neutrals.
Some Schaefer Anne, I thought it might be pretty for a shawl, but only enough on the skein for socks. Pretty socks though!

And some laceweight. I can never find all the beautiful laceweight stuff KristinaB is always finding. But I've been wanting to make a shawl out of white, this is close! And when I checked my email today, I found that KnittingDaily had compiled it's five top fan choices into a free downloadable booklet, including the Swallowtail Shawl! I quick printed it up (you had to do it by the end of the day today). It also has the Sunrise Circle Jacket, Cable Down Raglan, Nantucket Jacket and the Tweedy Aran Cardigan. I want to do the Sunrise one and the Tweedy Cardigan. I'm so happy I checked my email in time!

And if anyone read my post near the beginning of my blogging life (really I'm like an infant in blogtime) here is a picture of my pig collection. They are still downstate, but I'm bringing 'em back next time, I don't care if they trash up the neighborhood!


Knit and fall back in it said...

Nice haul from the yarn store. I am a big fan of the Comfort and Comfort Sock yarns. I usually don't like acrylics of any kind but those are really nice. Good luck with the Swallowtail Shawl, it's so pretty. Mine is in time out right now, about 75% complete. Me and's not a healthy relationship.

Kristina B said...

Schaffer Anne is lovely stuff! I have a bunch but haven't used it yet.

I did like working on the Swallowtail, hope you do too...

and that's not the world's ugliest sock. That honour belongs to the sock I made once. I'm not showing you a photo, though :-) Not brave enough.



PS have moved my blog. It's linked here!!