Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Knitting while Moving

Yeah, the whole trying to knit a prayer shawl while in the midst of moving thing? Not going to well for me.

Yes, this picture is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to turn it. It was the cobweb stole right after you drop the stitches and you get those pretty runs, you can see one down the middle. Well, about two rows later, somehow I screwed up. Over and over and over again. Then I frogged it. Totally. That's a lot of lace to frog. But now I'm trying the Print o' the Wave Stole, which seems much more beginner lace user friendly. We'll see . . .

In the meantime, I decided to go and use my Borders gift certificate that someone from work got for me since I'm leaving next week. I came away with this awesome haul.
Hope's Boy and Schuyler's Monster are biographies. Hope's Boy is about the foster care system and Schuyler's Monster is about a young girl diagnosed with autism because she couldn't speak, but it was a misdiagnoses of some other disease. Persepolis 2, a graphic novel I have to read now that I've heard that the movie was awesome, and The Spellman Files is a mystery that's supposed to be kind of funny. Awesome right? Look what I got on the way home :
Look familiar to anyone? Oh that would be a ticket, for turning where I shouldn't have. Now, I am accepting responsibility here, ok? But are all of you familiar with the Michigan Left Turn system? Woodward Ave.? Look, the only way you can turn around on Woodward, let's say if you've passed your turnoff because you were daydreaming about the cool books you just bought, is to pull all the way over to your left, get in the little turn around lanes that dot Woodward like grains of sand, and do a u-wie. These are perfectly legal, it's the standard of turning on this side of the state, ok? Oh wait. EXCEPT at 12 1/2 mile. Supposedly there is a small sign telling you this, which I missed. And there was a police officer there whose job that day was pulling people over who happened to miss (or just ignore) that sign. Crap.

But look what else I found at Border's that day? It still makes me smile, ticket and all.

Chocolate Rabbis! The inside of the card says "Hope everything's kosher for your holiday celebration. Happy Easter - Happy Passover. How cute? Next time, Tangled Yoke deliciousness.

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kristinknits said...

Post some pics of your beautiful sweater - STAT! Do you need me to be your photographer? I will - seriously.