Saturday, August 7, 2010

always read ahead

So I started a Cat Bordhi sock, and I thought the beginning was odd, because there were like, 15 different cast on amounts. I picked the one closest to 64 figuring that would be normal. I picked sixty.

You had to cast on 60 on a size 2 (I used 3 because it's all I had) straight needle (I used a double point because it's all I had AND I had to smoosh all the stitches on there and pray none fell off) and knit 1 1/2 inches of linen stitch ( I think that's what it's called, it's all "slip wyif, k1") back and forth.

Then you have to join it in a circ on two circs , size ones, (which I have!) and knit8 more rows of this pattern. Then comes the trouble.

You are supposed to downsize the whole cotton picking thing by four stitches. Turns out I should have cast on 70, not 60. Need I say I literally spent from 5 to 9 getting that two inches knitted before I realized I messed up? Did I frog? Hell no. I increased 4 stitches and am praying the thing goes over my foot. We'll see. I don't hold out high hopes. I see frogging in my future.

Read ahead people, always read ahead.

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