Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's been a month since I posted? Woah. That's bad. I think it's mostly because I have no camera, but blogs aren't just about pictures. It's about the words man. The words!

Words are awesome. Words in English are especially awesome. Thinking about writing 30 pages worth of words in French is boggling my mind. Thinking about reading all the words in French that will enable me to spit out 30 pages en francais is even more mind boggling. I'm into avoidance at this point and that means staying away from the computer, where most of my communication with Kalamazoo happens. I must push forward . . . .

Knitting? I'm stuck here. I'm suffering from a major bout of SSS. I've got two complicated socks half done and I just want to knit stockinette. It's all the television that is on. What with House, Heroes, America's Next Top Model, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Project Runway, Flash Forward, and The Amazing Race I just can't look away from the tv to make sure I'm following a pattern!

Right now I'm working on a turban for my mil. The dreaded "C" word has struck my family again. She will be undergoing chemo and I thought she needed something snazzy yet comfortable to keep her head warm this winter. I plan on co-opting my daughter's camera (she lost the cable that connects it to the computer, so I figure if I buy one she'll have to let me use it) and posting pics soon of my knits, although as you may have deduced, the knits might be a little on the boring side in picture form.

Gotta jet, Heroes is waiting for me on the dvr!


Linda said...

Hey Girl! You lost your camera again?? LOL! Haven't unpacked it yet huh?
How's the new job?

Holly Bee said...

I think we may have to chip in and purchase you one of those kid cameras!!

Are you my amazing race buddy?? Who are you totally rooting for??? I'm for the Globe Trotters all the way! Sweet Georgia Brown BABY!!!

Miss you!!! HUGS for all the poo stuff going on.

tracyb said...

I'm almost embarrassed to say who I'm rooting for . . . it's the pretty Christian couple! They haven't shown themselves to be all pious and righteous yet, so I've developed a soft spot for them!

Enjoying the new job, but you know if I could find a job where all I had to do was knit all day and read books, I'd be totally kosher with it.