Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reference Desk at the Alpena Co. Library, Can You Help Me Find an Accredited Online University?

Well, I've moved up. It is definitely a busier place and a tad more interesting than circulation. I'm doing more of what I used to do back in Clawson. But dudes, I still miss Clawson. The library, the city, the people, everything. So does Joe I think. I think we are what you might call homesick. The "glamour" (?!?) of Alpena has worn off, and it's just not feeling like home yet. I'm not giving up on it, and I've made some nice friends who go out of their way to make me feel welcome. I don't know.

On the flip side of that negativity, Kalamazoo College says all I have to do is take a few upper level French courses from an accredited university, take a few gym classes and attend a few lectures and shazzam! - they will award me with a degree! Now I just have to find an online university because as you know, an actual brick and mortar place doesn't really exist within reasonable driving distance of my fair city, and come up with some cold hard cash. It's doable.

My camera still eludes me. I want a new one, for I fear mine must have met it's maker in the move. But that would require me telling Joe that I lost a $200 camera and want a new one. That's a little scary. He gets mad at the kids when they do stuff like that, I can't imagine how he might react to it coming from me! Just jokes, he's a pretty mellow dude. But I've finished a pair of socks, have two SSS's (single sock sydrome socks) hibernating (although one of them's other half has been cast on) and am almost finished with my Rivulet scarf. I need documentation or people will quit believing that I'm actually knitting!

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Holly Bee said...

You are so fun! I would be saying the same things in your shoes.

It also reminds me of that line from the Simpsons..."are you a licensed and bonded" dirty photo taker-you get the gist.

Have you tried Gonzaga, Empire State University, or there's always Phoenix.