Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Carpet Shopping

Don't do it at a chain store that sells tools and lights and appliances and paint and carpet. I won't name the store because that wouldn't be nice, but . . . .

All we wanted to do was price out some carpet.

First they told us about the whole 12 feet issue. Carpet apparently either comes in widths of 12 feet or some come in widths of 12 or 15 (the ugly ones!) Well we need 13 so guess what I was looking at?

Oh, and then we were limited by what was in stock, my selection became even smaller.

Then we decided to have someone come measure for us, before we made a final decision. We also wanted to take home the sample card.

It then took the clerk about half an hour to get enough information from us for us to be able to leave the store with a freaking sample card of carpet and an appointment for the 10th (the only date available for months-and by the way they have to measure before they will even sell you the shit)and then we were supposed to go somewhere else to pay for said appointment.

I told Joe we would go to the local furniture store and price carpet there because it couldn't be worse service wise than the place we were at. And I'd pay a few more dollars to know that someone who could work a keyboard was placing my order for me.

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Linda said...

ELPH & I have built 7 houses. My best advice, you are already doing, your research. Know what you want, how much it should cost, and how long it should take. And don't take any crap. You are paying them to do a job. Get your moneys worth.