Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Print o' the Wave Cursed?

Spinny had to frog because she forgot the invisible cast on, Holly frogged because she just wanted to, and I've run into a slight problem. On repeat nine or so, I noticed that about two repeats back, my little zig zag pattern didn't zag, it just kept zigging for a repeat. Oops. I'm not sure how to fix it, short of just ripping back, but I can never pick up lace stitches. Pinko the wave . . . meet time out.

So I'm spinning, spinning, spinning the blue stuff. I'm thinking of making a cowl. A cowl is a nice portable project for our trip to D.C. Yep, we are leaving Friday. I've got to charge the camera, get a memory card for it, since it only holds about 15 pictures, and pack some clothes and stuff.

Better go.


kristinknits said...

You are going to DC? Do tell!

Holly Bee said...

DC!! Awesome!

Print O' the Wave is stupid. Beautiful, but stupid.

What cowl pattern are you doing?

tracyb said...

Holly - I think I'm gonna do the Darkside Cowl, it looks pretty, I think I might even have to buy some cool yarn.

Kristin - we are coming downstate (I'm so acclimated) on Friday and driving to DC on Saturday. We've got a tour of the capital scheduled and are waiting for "security clearance" to get a tour of the White House! We are excited, I can't wait to see the WWII memorial, I wanted my dad to come with us, but he's going to visit his favorite daughter in Alabama. Whatevs!

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

Ooh, Spinny really needs to update because Ms Spinny had the first half of the center panel completely finished by the Tuesday meet up...just a few days after frog-o'the-wave, baby. Of course, I had to put down half the second while I crank out spindles. Sand papered hands + lace knitting = pile o'crap.