Wednesday, March 4, 2009

house stress

We have to move, we haven't sold our house in Clawson and we can't afford to stay here without doing that. Alpena sucks. There are no houses around here that I would want to live in. I spend all day on freakin and and I can find nothing. Nothing! I want to cry.

Ok, that little pity party is over. My new obsession is Facebook. Word Twist and Pathwords are where I waste a great deal of time when I should be doing house work. But housework sucks and I'm improving my language skills. Important, no?

I'm also spinning away and watching American Idol and Survivor. And Heroes, Friday Night Lights and House. And I hear America's Next Top Model is starting soon, although I fear Tyra may have jumped the shark. We'll see, I'm loyal and I'll give her one more chance.

Off to play word games and charge up the battery on the camera. I'll take pictures of the crap houses for you!


Linda said...

Where are you TRYING to move to?

tracyb said...

somewhere else in alpena

Holly Bee said...

OHHHH!!! Love to you!