Monday, February 16, 2009

Spinning Catastrophe

Today I had a near spinning disaster.
Look at that, that is fluff, spun up all nice and wound onto a makeshift bobbin (let's just call it what it is, a 20oz pop bottle) which has all of a sudden plyed little parts on the top and the bottom onto itself! Yikes!

I took a 2 liter "Mountain Holler" (I love that knock off name!) and carefully unwound until the bottom mess was all taken care of. I think I can fix the top part later. Disaster narrowly averted. To reward myself, I spun some different fluff. Pretty aqua fluff which I will photograph at a later date.

Before the disaster, I was watching Heroes online and knitting a Monkey. Monkey is a feel good sock. It knits up so fast (I'm almost finished with one leg) and it's such a pretty pattern! I needed this, since I just finished my Rivendells! They are awesome and they weren't hard at all, but I wouldn't call them quick. But definitely worth the work. I'll take pictures of those later, too.
Tonight, since I'm all caught up with Heroes, I plan to have a marathon knitting session on the pink kidney kozy while watching House and Heroes. Maybe I can finish it up!

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Holly Bee said...

Kidney Kozy! It's the perfect go to project when everything else is poo!

Heroes! Was good last night :)