Thursday, February 12, 2009

Running Around Like A Mad Woman

I hate those days where I'm so busy I barely have time to sit down. Work five hours instead of four because someone called in sick, leave work to pick up smallest child from school, run home to get purse which left at home because it was hidden under a blanket, leave home to pick up middle child and friend from after school activity. Drive friend home, drive home, hop in shower, figure out what to give kids for dinner because hubby and I must go to some fancy (business casual) shindig for dinner (Yay, I don't have to cook!) roll home who knows when (hopefully before all the good tv comes on tonight) sleep for some undetermined amount of time since I've developed insomnia, wake up in the morning, run small child to school, run nephew to school, run to work and be there for 8 hours, come home to hopefully someone already having made dinner.

Thursdays and Fridays are a little whack chez Bedford, but what I do notice is that being this busy generally means I don't have any panic attacks, and that's a good thing.

Have a nice weekend everyone and try to squeeze in a little knitting!

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kristinknits said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! : ) Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Question: do you hate it as much as I do when people call it ValenTIMES? It's like liBERRY .. I just can't handle it!