Monday, September 26, 2011

Too long

I know it's been too long since I've posted. I'm sure no one read this anymore, except maybe Jenni, because she keeps telling me I should post again!
I'm definitely on the downward slope of a midlife crisis. I did all the fun things, like piercing my ears, and wearing acrylic nails. Now I'm questioning the decisions I made along the way - like not finishing my bachelor's degree sooner, or foregoing any kind of career to raise my kids. I guess I am not questioning staying home with the rugrats, I wouldn't give that up for anything. But I wonder if I could have done it all, career and kids. I've always said I think that someone or something gets short changed in that deal, but now that my kids are almost grown I feel like I have nothing important to do, right when I feel like I should be doing something important.
I applied to library school. I'm stressing about getting in. My grade point average from 20 years ago was less than stellar. But I had to try, because you know what? The one thing I know is that i was meant to work in a library and my instinct tells me that I would make a great librarian. There is no place I feel more at home and on top of my game. We will see.
I'm into knitting massive projects. I finally finished Marijo's afghan. I will take pictures after I weave in the rest of the ends. I think there were about 5,000. No really, let's do the math here. Four colors per square equals 8 ends. 64 squares X 8 ends per square is (hold on here, I have to find a pencil and paper or the calculator on the computer which I am not sure how to use) 512. Is that right? It felt like a lot more. Although 512 is a lot.
Now I've started a ten stitch zig zag blanket. It's a pattern from ravelry by Frankie Brown. It seems fun so far. I'm going to go work on it right now, before I go to work at 12.

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Linda said...

I'm here! I read:) It has been a while for me too. I think posting on FB really stunts my blogging enthusiasum.
As for questioning your decisions, you did the best you could at the time. Looking back we all see opportunities were we would have done things differently. That's called hindsight 20/20. But look at you! You finished your bachelor's degree!! Me? I never went to college at all. You raised your kids and they all turned out fine. Now they are grown and it's your turn to do what YOU want! And don't let that library turn you down. Go in there, talk to someone, even if they are not the ones doing the hiring. Show them your shining personality! Who wouldn't hire you? :)
(OK. when did Miss Suzie Sunshine come in? LOL!)