Friday, January 28, 2011

I knit a whole something!

I finished a knitting project! A one scrunchable scarf, out of this really pretty yarn with a goofy name - Plymouth Mushimushi or something like that! (I used the color #15) And - I'm almost done with a hat - Felictiy - from the same skein. It's a huge skein. Really. Something like 400 yards.

I haven't really finsihed any knitting since we moved home. Oh sure, there are single socks floating around, but not even the start of a second sock.

I did finish two ripple crochet throws. Well, one still needs fringe. But I'm fringed out.

I think the reason I finished the scarf and have nearly completed the hat is simple avoidance. You know, denial of reality. Too much crap is going on in my life right now. Issues over which I really have little or no control. But I can control how much knitting I get done. I'm also getting very good at how much laundry I let stack up too.

Anyway, I'll post pics soon. I've just got to delete some of the pics on my memory card and load the little card into the computer and post them.

Oh - and another really good way to avoid reality? Kindle. You hear about a good book, push a couple of buttons, and there the book sits, right in front of you! Instant gratification. It's dangerous really.

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Holly Bee said...

I am glad you got some knitting done, even if it was to avoid stuff!