Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Everything is out of our old house. We turned in the keys and passed a final inspection. Yay! Now all the assloads of stuff in the old house are resting peacefully in the garage. I don't like to look in there. Although I suppose I will have to get serious when the weather people start talking snow.

I'm back to work and knitting. I finished the back half of a shell, called Martina. It's pretty. Of course I can't show you because I still can't find the camera. I know it's in this house (or garage *eep*) because I saw it here, I know I did. But I can't remember where. And I'm too busy knitting to do an all out search.

I am also spinning and plying on the fly! I love it. I went to the Castle Farms Fiber Fest in East Jordan Michigan and bought some awesome roving. I'll give you the deets later, but when I got home I plunked down in front of the computer, googled me some ply on the fly lessons and taught myself a new trick! Instant yarn! It's nifty.

Well, that pretty celery green caron country yarn of which the shell is made is calling my name so I gotta go.


Linda said...

Spinning AND plying??!? Very cool! Hope you find the camera (and the cord) soon!

Bean said...

Ooooh, that sounds perfectly gorgeous! Green's one of my fave colors - can hardly wait to see you in your new shell!!

Holly Bee said...

Well, you are a fancy lady now! Awesome!